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Providing an on-ice experience for individuals with disabilities

SkateTherapy on Fox 26

Meet all the people that make the Magic Happen on Saturdays with Sled Hockey and SkateTherapy

Great photos from the earliest days of the STARskaters program! Mission Video

Learn what our programs are all about!

STARskaters featured on Grat American Passtimes.

A profile of Sled Hockey by Great American Passtimes.

SkateTherapy Instructor Aaron tells Sami's Story

An incredible story of friendship that started on the ice with SkateTherapy..

SkateTherapy on Fox26

Great profile of our SkateTherapy program.

The Ice Cruiser

Invented by SkateTherapy instructor Jessie Chan to help her students learn to skate

Sled Hockey on KPRC

Winston Dutchin reports on our first-ever Sled Hockey event at Toyota Center.

Francesca's Story

See the incredible bond and trust between Mandy and Francesca that enabled her to achieve her dream of learning to skate.

You Need to Get Sledding!

Music video of Day #1 of the Texas sled Hockey program set to music by Billy O'Neill and Oh My God. 

Roberto's Story

Another story of the life-changing experience provided by STARskaters program. 

Therapeutic Skating Parents Education

BL Wylie describes the therapeutic skating program behind

Sled Hockey interview with Olympic Gold Medalist James Dunham

How Sled Hockey changed James Dunham's life.